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Foto For Liv - FrbC Thomas ChristensenI work with people and systems – especially with telling people how IT systems (including web-based systems) work, and how to behave around such systems. This often involves how other people act on digital platforms.

I have been working in these fields since the end of the 1990’s – paid or unpaid.

Looking back:

In the Spring of 2014 I managed Karen Melchior’s European Parliament campaign. The job involved coordinating volunteers and candidate, so she could spend her time on what she does best: Meeting the electorate on- and offline.

Since January 2014, I am a Game Guru in Bastard Café – the first boardgame café in Denmark. As a volunteer I help with rules and with advice on which games to play.

Since 2009, I am the chairman of Wikimedia Danmark, supporting the various Wikimedia projects by nurturing the Wikipedia community and its relations with knowledge-based institutions and with other communities working for open content and a free Internet. We do this through edit-a-thons, photo sessions etc.

In 2012 I was a Wikipedian-in-Residence twice, first at the National Museum and then at the Royal Library, helping them share their knowledge in Wikipedia, for the benefit of Wikipedia, as well as improving the institutions’ skills at sharing on other platforms than their own.

I was in charge of user support at the Danish Natural Environment Portal, either alone or with one or more students, helping users understand environmental government applications, password systems and usage of various maps.

I have contributed to the Danish Wikipedia since 2004, becoming an Administrator in 2005, doing various tasks and generally serving as a good example. I am also press contact for the Danish Wikipedia.

I began blogging in the autumn of 2000, writing about things that I find important and exciting.

My entry into international, cross-cultural communication was being assistant listmaster and then listmaster at Flags of the World from 1998 to 2002. You really have to stay balanced when talking about symbols.

Oh, by the way: My name is Ole Palnatoke Andersen, I live in Copenhagen and I was born in 1967.

For more, see my Linkedin profile and ask me.

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