Reboot is rebooting, so a lot of interesting people will need to find some other way of connecting this year. For that to happen, we have begun planning a “noboot” event. A lot of people have shown their general interest and/or chimed in with preferred dates, and yesterday we met to get the process rolling. […]

Reboot round-up 2: Pretty flowers

One of the conversations that I fell into at Reboot11, was about the wonders of face-recognition software, particularly Polar Rose. In the conversation someone mentioned that the next big thing would be recognition of labels or characteristic packages, so you could have a picture of a Coke bottle or a Heinz ketchup bottle, and the […]

Reboot round-up 1: Rebooting Wikipedia

At Reboot 11, I tried calling upon the Wikipedia Underground Army to produce some Reboot-related content. It didn’t really work – I guess most people were busy listening to interesting stuff. Post-Reboot, I ask again: Can someone help create articles (and/or upload pictures under a free licence) about the following people: Matt Webb, Ton Zijlstra, […]